Workshop Interactive particle systems: the control and diffusion

Workshop Interactive particle systems: the control and diffusion

Centro Cultural Magalhães Lima, Alfama, 26 de julho, 17:00 – 19:00

Autoria e formação: Pavel Orlov

The goal: is to create an interactive installation with particles inside that would move and interact with the user. During the workshop, we will learn how to create your own particle system using object-oriented paradigm (OOP). We will define classes and will create their objects- particles. Our particles will interact with each other and with users. Also, we will use a web camera to provide interesting visual effects. The entrance level: basic knowledge of programming. Participants should now, in general, the concept of programming using whatever programming language they prefer. We will use the Processing programming language, but the knowledge of the Processing exactly is not vital. I will show the object-oriented programming from the scratch, so the previous experience with OOP is not necessary.

The outcomes of the workshop will be:

  • understanding of OOP basic,
  • experience with developing particle systems,
  • experience with developing interactive applications.

The teaching materials: the source-code examples, slides, demonstrations.

Necessary environment: class with a projector and white-board with markers.

Participants have to bring their laptops with Processing installed.